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Business Succession Planning

As a business owner, you have unique financial planning requirements. We help you to develop a wealth management strategy that is appropriate for you. We seek to help you secure your family's financial future and answer the question of what will happen to your business when you leave or take a less active role. Either way, a business succession plan can help provide the orderly transfer of ownership to your partners, other family members or your heirs.

You may find that our navigation of your buy/sell agreements and our participation in partnership discussions are among our most valuable services for business owners. We provide support, guidance and assistance in the negotiations and implementation of the business agreements, whether it be between partners, family members or executives of small or large companies. We often find that existing agreements are incomplete and expose owners to needless risks that they are unaware of. Our work uncovers and can often eliminate these gaps.

Whether you plan on keeping the business in the family or converting the bricks and mortar to an inflow of cash, it is important to coordinate your estate, investment and financial plans. We have the intellectual capital and we know the questions to ask to potentially avoid common mistakes. We can be the quarterback to help you reach your goals.   

To receive a complimentary analysis from our experienced team, please contact Anita Grossman at or call 856.488.2849. We look forward to hearing from you.