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Senior Level Executives

We provide guidance for senior level executives both pre and post-retirement, including those who are part of the executive team for Fortune 500 companies. Often our clients have financial interests outside of their primary corporation, as well as have involvement in charitable endeavors. With our rich intellectual capital, we are able to guide, recommend and implement proactive strategies for an array of traditional compensation and incentive based benefits, modeling the tax implications of each.  

There are several strategies available to you as a senior level executive when it comes to your stock options, phantom stock units or restrictive stock units. We can take the mystery out of your various choices. It is as though we take a snap shot and turn it into a motion picture for you so that you can make well-informed decisions. This work helps set the stage for your success in retirement, while saving you time you don't have to sort through these complex, yet important, decisions.   

It is important to incorporate estate, investment, and financial planning with company compensation and benefits distribution. We often act as a quarterback to coordinate these pieces to get the job done, while incorporating tax reduction strategies. 

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